Why are we waiting?

Day in, day out our NHS is kept going thanks to the hard work and
dedication of its staff.

UNISON first asked the Prime Minister to commit to an early pay rise
of £2k for all health workers in August 2020.

UNISON is counting every day that the government drags its feet.
We’re counting every pound that’s being kept out of NHS pay packets.
We’re calling on politicians to stop the delays and deliver a proper
pay rise.

Check out the NHS Pay Monitor at nhspay.org

Health workers are exhausted, overworked
and feel unappreciated by government.
A proper pay rise isn’t just about thanking
NHS staff for their dedication and sacrifices
during the pandemic. The NHS is facing the
huge task of looking after millions of patients
whose treatment has been delayed by COVID.
A proper pay rise is vital to boost morale and
make sure the NHS has the staff it needs to
meet the challenges ahead.

UNISON is campaigning for a fair and
reasonable pay rise of at least £2,000 for the
whole NHS team – including decent funding
to ensure that contracted staff get the pay rise
they deserve too. But over 1 million NHS staff
are still waiting.

We’ve got to remind politicians that as NHS
pay comes in and out of the headlines, we’re
all watching their next move. Let’s keep the
pressure on together.

Visit NHSpay.org and take action.

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