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UNISON believe that affordable dental care is essential for all members and that important NHS dental treatment should never be delayed or missed. With the UNISON NHS Dental Plan, we ensure that one of your potentially largest and most unavoidable bills will always be paid in full up to £500 per year per policyholder for less than the price of a takeaway each month. Learn more below…


It’s a fact that many NHS dental users have had no choice but to delay vital dental treatments for themselves and their families over recent months. Consequently, many members and their families are now facing unexpected and/or higher than ordinary dental charges having postponed treatment. In some cases, more costly remedial treatment is now required.

You or someone in your immediate family are likely one of the 30m* people in the UK who use a NHS dentist and pay for their treatment.

Did you know that the cost of a crown is now £282.80* in England? A filling costs £65.20* and even a check-up or a scale & polish costs £23.80*. The annual price of a check-up, a filling, a crown and a scale & polish for one person is around £400. We know most members would prefer not to pay anything at all during 2021 and beyond which is precisely where we can help you…

We make it incredibly easy for you to claim 100% of your NHS dental bills back after you join. You simply:

1. Pay your dental bill and complete a simple claim form
2. Upload or return your claim form to us with a valid receipt
3. We send your back money within days by cheque or bank transfer

The UNISON NHS Dental Plan is available to join at an exclusive rate for UNISON members, friends, family and colleagues. Each policyholder enjoys immediate NHS dental cover of up to £500. There’s no annual commitment, no cost to apply, nothing to pay today and, once you’re a member, the price is not affected by your age increasing or by the amount of times you claim.

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With the UNISON NHS Dental Plan You can claim back up to £500 each year for:

o Examinations, scale & polish and x-rays
o Fillings, root canals & extractions
o Crowns, bridges, dentures & repairs
o Dental-related prescriptions
o Oral cancer cover (up to £6,500)
o Accidental impact injury (up to £750)
o Hospitalisation for dental treatment
o Much more!

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We look forward to welcoming you onto the UNISON NHS Dental Plan and good luck in the free prize draw. If you have any questions please get in touch